Staked To The Ground: A Short Story

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There I lay, staked to the ground. Rewinding my life remembering all my good karma and wondering “who is karma and why aren’t they saving me.” Is this really how I’m going to end? Naked, indecent, pinned to the muddy grass. I always thought I would die in a much more breathtaking way. Maybe spontaneous combustion, or saving baby squirrels from a tree. How did I end up this way may you ask? It all started this morning, I woke up from a marvelous sleep feeling unstoppable. I engaged in a game of tag with a few buddies of mine. I ingested my weight in acorns. Overall, the day was going fantastic; until Jimmy dared me to play a game with him. His games never turn out well, but I decided to play with him. The rules were simple: run out of the

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