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Growing up, I was always in love with the outdoors and I loved being close to nature and animals. As I grew older this love intensified until that fateful day during my meeting with my guidance counselor that I told her I wanted to major in Environmental and Natural Resource Conservation at a college that was fairly close to my house. I was so happy that I finally made up my mind on what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. As high school came to an end and graduation day rolled in, I started to think about my classes and how nice the professors were when I went to visit. I also started thinking about that day when I visited the classroom where all my classes would be. And that’s when it hit me. The major I chose was ruled by guys. They…show more content…
I was moved in, unpacked and ready to start my first day of classes as a freshman in college. The day seemed to drag on forever, but all I kept thinking about was how intimidated I was sitting in a room surrounded by guys. As the week progressed I was still a bit anxious in my classes, but I made friends. They helped me through a lot during my first couple of weeks which made me, and continues to make me, extremely grateful towards them. As the weeks came and went, I was sitting up taller in class and no longer tried to hide, even though that was kind of hard when everyone around you is over 6 foot tall and can see you no matter where you sit. I began to prove myself in my classes and my labs which took place either indoors or out in the field. I realized I was really no different from the guys and that I can do the same things they can. I still have to wear my not-so-cute lab outfit which includes a pair of unnecessarily heavy boots, carharts, a bright yellow vest and my personal favorite, my yellow hardhat. I realize it doesn’t matter if I look cute, it matters that I’m properly equipped and ready for the field just like the guys. Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t complete my tasks like the guys

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