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I come from a Hispanic descent, and was born and raised in Orange County. Spanish was my primary language. It was a strenuous pace in kindergarten as I tried to comprehend the English language, and communicate with my peers and educator. As a slow learner, I often received assistance from my educator. I remember at times wanting to go to the restroom, hesitant to ask my teacher, nevertheless, words slipped out “ Me go to bathroom?”. I was put into the English Learner’s program to improve my comprehension of the English language.Wary of my learning abilities, my educator, Ms.Guillen said to my mother,“Your daughter is a gradual learner, and if it continues, she will flunk the 1st grade.” Frustrated at what my teacher had to say, my mother…show more content…
If I was really lucky, I would get A’s. When I finally graduated elementary school, I went to middle school and it was worse because I would always waste time, not pay attention, talk all the time and fail my tests because I always thought that I wouldn’t make it in life so I would ask myself, why bother trying? I doubted myself because of the words my teacher said about me and how I wouldn’t make it in life, they were always in my head all the time. Even though sometimes I would try to get good grades I still didn’t ask questions or ask for help to any of my teachers. Sometimes I would try to get good grades, but the words would get in my head and I would drop grades. When I finally got to high school that’s when everything changed, I started getting serious about school and concentrating on my school work. Eventually, I would get good grades on my tests because I would actually study for them. During my freshman year I passed with B’s, C’s, and with a D. I was kind of upset with the D but I was mostly happy about getting one…show more content…
My parents agreed to let me hang out with them if I had good grades so that motivated me to do the best I could be, my best friend would always motivate me as well. I would always study, ask questions, actually do my homework in time and get good grades on my tests.. sometimes. By the time I got to junior year my best friend and I stopped talking, but I still wanted good grades, I was ambitious on getting good grades because I KNEW I could them if I wanted, if I put my mind to it. Well my junior year was one of my good years in general. I had just A’s and B’s and passed my tests most of the time. Now as a senior i’m barely on my third month of high school and so far i’ve passed all my tests and mostly have A’s and 2 B’s, however i’m determined to get straight A’s no matter at what cost. I am so proud of myself for my accomplishments, even though I wish I could go back in time and do my best like how i’m doing right now. I still can’t believe I went from a D and F student to a A, B student. This experience changed me because now I know you can prove people how wrong they were and the words they say does not define you. You can do anything you want as long as you believe in yourself and don’t depend on other people. If this had not happened, I would probably still be affecting in what people say about me but now I just smile and prove them

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