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It all started my freshman year of high school. I was all set for the school year with lots of goals and good intentions. I worked hard and did all that was told by my guidance counselor to get through high school. Weeks past by I met with an old friend name Renae from Kindergarten and we became closer. As we got close I realized the major life change I was experiencing. My grades were dropping, I skipped classes, and started to come home late. I always got bad vibes around Renae but I tend to ignore them. My other friends would always tell me to stay away from her and that I could do better than that. However, I was being ignorant and did not listen to them. Drastically, all of a sudden one day she got most of my friends to ignore me by telling…show more content…
They were the ones hoping to see me go in a better path other than Renae. I am glad that the situation that I was in happened, because it all happened for a reason. I learned that you should be conscious of the friends you choose. I began to hang out with the positive peer group instead of the ones that got me into trouble. The friends I thought that was two-faced were the ones who motivated me to do better and had me feel good about myself. I perceive that the most important things to me were to become a dentist, good grades,make my family proud, and have respect for myself as well as others to gain respect. To solve my problem and get back on track with my life along with school I decided to distant myself from the “friend” that I had by blocking her off social media and other things. I felt relieved when I did that. My grades had become achievable and I was back on track for my future plans. To sum things up I had a major life change my freshman year of high school. However, I did not let that one person stop me from achieving my goals. I learned to make the right choices and go to whats better for

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