Personal Narrative Analysis

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A family of five went on a vacation to California. They planned it for months and eventually saved enough money to go there. The family lived across the country so they had to take a plane. Jack , the youngest son, wanted to take a car instead of the plane because he was afraid of heights and didn't want to go that high. Jamie, the only daughter but still older than jack, and Jim told Jack that he better change his mind quick or he is going to be in trouble. After continuous arguing about the kids David and Britney, mom and dad, broke it up and just decided that they were going on the plane because they did not want to spend hours on end driving a car. The plane ride was fun for everyone in the family because none of them have been on a plane before. The only person that didn't have fun was Jack , he was just crying the whole way there and never looked out the window.…show more content…
They then picked out a car and checked into the hotel they were staying at. The hotel was gigantic , when you look up at it it looks like a giant staring at you. They got to their room and the view was amazing, it was right on the beach so you could jump off the 5th floor, their room floor, and land in the water. It was late so the family decided to go to bed for the night but in the middle of the night they all woke up with a jump because of the loud alarm that went off in the building. The loud alarm was the fire

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