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Soaring into Greatness Some lights cannot be put out. No matter how hard the world tries, sending darkness and hurricanes and desperate gusts of wind, the light still refuses to be dimmed. It keeps on shining strong and determined as ever to give off its warm glow to all those that might need it, providing warmth to those that are cold. Some lights will never be put out. Born in 1893 in Atlanta, Texas, Bessie Coleman was one of thirteen children. Because her father left the family to go out in search for a better life, Bessie had to work hard to help her mother care for her large family. Driven to better herself Bessie threw herself into work and school so that she could one day hope to live the life she dreamed of, a life in which she…show more content…
Seven months spent learning how to dip and dive and soar through the sky like a bird. After seven months spent learning the ways of flight, on June 15th, 1921, Bessie Coleman made history by becoming the first black woman to receive a pilot’s license. We can never know how she must have felt in that moment, when she first received her license. Was she even aware of how important that moment would be for her, and for the rest of the world? Returning to the United States she was met with much support from many other people that were inspired by her brave journey to achieve greatness. Unfortunately this was not enough, for there were still people there holding her back. Did she give up? Of course not, she went right back to France to get even better at flying, and when she was able to return to America she was ready to become an amazing barnstormer. The things that used to hold her back, were now what made her interesting. The only African American female pilot was no small deal. Folks would come from all around to watch her twist and loop through the air, defying gravity and stereotypes. She made sure that none of her shows were segregated; growing up in a world that constantly discriminated against her, she understood very well the struggle of her people. With them in mind she worked hard raising money to start a flying school for black people in America. Sadly she never got to see the school be

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