Personal Narrative: Dominoes

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Dominoes I’m not really much of writer but here I go.... Once a Saturday morning in May, a kid read a question. It stated “Does true loyalty require unconditional support?” The kid smirked and delved into tumultuous story of lowly mobster betraying his gang purely for his personal desires and self perseverance. This account was purely fictional, of course, and couldn’t really evoke much to the potential reader. Hence, the student thought more and came up with telling a nonfiction account lamenting recent events. With a few minutes to spare the kid wrote: How about taking a more realistic approach to this. Let’s say I’m a counselor to a troubled teen. One day she says she has plans to commit suicide. Now as a counselor, this is very concerning because considering the state she is in, she could actually do it. However, when she started she explicitly stated to not tell anyone, especially her parent’s…it get’s sketchy at around here since I went off on a slight tangent, but I think the ideas is still there. The kid essentially wraps up the essay with a “What would you do?” and calls it day. A few weeks…show more content…
Well, in the year before. In Social Studies, I practically sat in the back of the class just reading National Geographic magazines and passively listen to the lesson. Still passed that class. In English, in contrast, my teacher was an authoritative and unapologetic, expecting no less than our best effort. Something I thrived vicariously on (I need order or else I die of boredom). Accordingly, I tried ignoring the issue previously mentioned from affecting me in these classes and directed all my last scraps of enthusiasm toward them. My History teacher was the first one to go. It was sudden and unexpected. However, with my English teacher, it was expected since she had told us beforehand. A part of me died the day she left because along with her departure went all my hope for a new

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