Personal Narrative: Acceptance In School

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Acceptance It was a sunny morning, and I had just woken up when I immediately remembered that decisions for Princeton and Brown were coming out at 5pm that day. I created my login for both college decision websites, packed the notes for my presentation in engineering class, and rushed off to school. All throughout that day, my mind was in chaos. One minute I was full of hope and anticipation imaging the acceptance letters and all my hard work finally coming to fruition. Then I would suddenly be filled with negative thoughts of being rejected and all my effort being for naught. Honestly, I am quite surprised that I made it through the whole of school with my sanity intact. After arriving home from school, I took a short break, changed into professional clothes, and practiced my presentation, while I obsessively checked the login websites to make sure that I could actually access the decision website come 5 o'clock. My dad called me to the car at 4:50 so that we could go to school for my engineering presentation.…show more content…
As the car cruised through the streets, I, dripping with enough sweat to fill an ocean, logged in to check my decision. I can’t remember which school I checked first, Brown or Princeton, but I saw the "Congratulations" on both and whether it was shock or disbelief that caused it i’m still not sure but I just burst out in laughing. I told my dad who was driving me to school, “I just got accepted into Princeton and Brown. Princeton and Brown,

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