Essay About Making People Happy

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My Path to Making People Happy It’s the end of sophomore year and just like all[WU1] the other students, I have to attend the school’s mundane award ceremony. Just when I least expect it, I’m called upon for the Rising Firebird, an award given by teachers to their favorite students. As if that isn’t a big enough surprise yet, as I’m walking up to receive my award, the crowd started cheering “Laser Lord, Laser Lord, Laser Lord!” I didn’t realize it then (mostly because I really needed to use the bathroom) but this moment would be the proudest moment of my life and would confirm my ambitions; film and entertainment is the right career path for me. Ever since middle school, I was a shy and depressed kid, who had the dream of becoming a YouTuber. YouTube was one of the few things that made me happy during those dark times and I wanted to become[WU2] a YouTuber as a way to make people happy for anyone going through rough times like me.…show more content…
I eventually started moving on to more complicated editing software to make my videos better. I’d even brought a microphone and starting playing with online friends so my videos wouldn’t be so empty. Despite me constantly improving, I was still receiving low viewership. Then I thought to myself “Let’s make the best video I can possibly make.” To this day I remember all the blood, sweat, and tears I pour into making that video. I recorded and looked over six hours of footage and spent over thirty hours editing. Once I was finished, I punched that upload button and expected the best, but as YouTube constantly has, it got low viewership. At this point I have made over one hundred videos for two years, only to receive a collective viewer count of three thousand views. It was then, I’d figured that if I put this much effort into YouTube only to receive no major success, I’d might as well
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