How Did James Madison Impact Society

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In the eyes of American citizens, James Madison was a great leader with a massive impact upon America. Did you know he had the greatest effect of any previous leader in American history? It's the truth. When you contemplate it, James Madison clearly stands out. He persuaded and was an inspiration to many American citizens to follow his lead. In fact, he was the fourth president of America, from 1809 through 1817, serving two terms, as well as being the Secretary of State for America. Without him, America would be a part of Great Britain again, or they would have struggled mightily as a country without a functioning government. He is known as the “Father of the Constitution, and for good reason. Therefore, it's clear as water that James Madison had the greatest and longest impact of any leader upon America.…show more content…
Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights, hence his nickname, “Father of the Constitution.” He wrote the floorplan for the government after disagreement following the revolution to pull free from Great Britain. Without him and his writing, there wouldn't be the same foundation for the government that has made America the great country it is today. The government is still, today, made from the foundation of which James Madison wrote. America wouldn't have ever became successful as a country without him. Furthermore, he administered the purchase of Louisiana from France in 1803, which more than doubled the size of America at the time. This occurred while he was the Secretary of State of America. The purchase brought in many new settlers, a new French culture, and it made America much bigger and more

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