Whole30 Diet Analysis Paper

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Whole30, a paleo-framed diet, is a thirty-day dieting routine some find intriguing enough to make a lifestyle change out of. While fast food restaurants, dine-in restaurants, and convenient store goodies are a very easy way consume, most find that taking the extra thirty-plus minutes to prepare the Whole30 menu themselves is much more rewarding than buying the McDouble for only a dollar. Charlotte Dupont, an Instagram follower of the diet’s recipe page, has allowed followers to observe the things she does as an fellow Whole30 dieter. While observing, I was able to take notes on the strict guidelines she has to follow while on the diet; for example, no added sugars, no dairy, and no alcohol. Because the diet is intended for healthier consumption…show more content…
Milk is a good source of vitamins and has the basic building blocks needed to help growing children, and animals, until the digestive system is completely developed. Once the digestive system is fully developed, it can eat whole foods; hence, Whole30. Charlotte teaches that milk is an energy-dense hormone-delivery system and does more harm than good once the body is developed. Whole foods are foods that have been processed very little, or not processed, and do not have any other added substances to them. While shopping for groceries, Charlotte says it is much easier to shop at a local farmer’s market, or strictly in the isles needed at the store, so we are not tempted to buy the things we do not need. Items such as cheese and butter can be used to give meals more flavor; however, they do more harm to the body than good. Basic home recipes calling for me can be easily substituted with canned coconut milk or whole almond milk, and actually leaves meals with a much more natural, sweet taste. Butter is the biggest thing to avoid while following this program, and Charlotte has explained several times how to avoid butter and what substitutes you need for butter. Ghee, a clarified, unsalted butter, is used directly as a substitute for any recipe with butter, and is very easy to make. She explains that in order to succeed in this diet, it is perfectly alright to spend a few extra minutes scooping the dairy product from the boiled, unsalted butter, rather than slipping-up and using regular butter. Although dairy products can be used for colds, before consumption of spicy foods, and helps build strong bones while giving Vitamins A and C, it can be substituted with some cold medicine, water, and a

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