Personal Narrative

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“Hey, you drongo, I am getting bushed and want to go home to sleep. What do you say about catching one more fish and calling it a day?” “Yeah, I fully. Let’s do it.” Kenneth and his friend stayed out on the dinghy for another ten minutes without any luck catching any fish. “This is so boring! I can’t believe you agreed with me saying that we should try to catch another fish!” exclaimed Kenneth. “Let’s go right now.” “But Kenneth, we agreed to catch another fish before hitting the hay! Aren’t you going to stick with that promise?” “No! It’s too late and cold outside to continue fishing. Anyways, do you really think we will catch another fish at this time of night?” “Fine. Let’s go.” On the boy’s way back to the house they discussed where they were going to sleep that night.…show more content…
I haven’t been able to so far during this trip?” “I don’t know. I am kind of in the mood to sleep high up from the ground tonight, but I will decide when we get there.” For now I guess you can sleep on the top bunk.” “Oh hooray! I can’t wait to get to the house now.” The boys arrived at the house and Kenneth’s friend began putting his pajamas on the top bunk. Whipping the pajamas off of the top bunk, Kenneth exclaims, “Argh, I wanted to sleep up here tonight! Come on, can’t I sleep up here tonight?” “But Kenneth, you promised me that I could sleep up here tonight! I really want to sleep up here.” “Oh my gosh. I told you you could sleep up here tonight, but I realized that since I slept here last night we would have to switch the sheets!” “Why would you do this to me? You know that I want to sleep up there at least one time during this trip.” “You do not really care about where you sleep. You just like to annoy me and try to manipulate
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