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According to Aristotle “Happiness depends upon ourselves”. In the movie “The Groundhog Day” the main focus is to learn how to find happiness within us. Happiness according to Princeton is the state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. I agree with this definition, because in order to be happy you need to be in a well state of being. With that been said we have to look for happiness within us. Phil the main character of the movie was a weather reporter, who was categorized as sarcastic because of his negative way of seeing his life. The Groundhog Day was not only a day to determine the remaining winter weeks, but in this movie it was the turning point in Phil’s life. He went from being a negative and sad to a content individual. This can be seen in our daily lives, we are constantly rushing from one place to the order, but are we really happy?. Happiness goes beyond having a good job or money in the bank, it consist of selflessness and kindness.…show more content…
He was self-centered and arrogant. However, he was not happy perhaps he didn’t know he was missing happiness in his life. He did not enjoy activities, or interactions with others. During his third year filming The Groundhog Day in Pennsylvania, he experienced a turning point in his life. While filming this event he was not pleased to be there neither to be around people. The fact that people were celebrating Groundhog Day aggravated him. However, when he woke up the next day he was re-living this day again. The Groundhog Day kept repeating for several times. This repetition brought “confusion, contempt, selfishness, and despair, before undergoing a final transformation into a kind and compassionate human being”( The Psychology of Groundhog Day: What the film says about us and our

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