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Freemasonry is commonly referred to as a secret society; however, I don’t believe that many people actually know the facts of freemasonry. Freemasonry is often portrayed in movies, TV, and other forms of media. Many people even today are masons. You can see it on license plates on vehicles, there are masonic lodges scattered throughout the United States, you may even know a few masons, but not the origins or story of it. People will often compare Freemasonry to the “Illuminati,” and they believe it to be evil or maniacal due to its secrecy. Even speaking for myself, I can easily say that I don’t a whole lot of information, but I know a little bit. I probably don’t know enough to have a huge discussion however. This will surely be a learning experience…show more content…
Benedict Arnold was initiated into the Hiram lodge, yes as in Hiram Abif, the first Freemason, in New Haven (Hodapp P.91.) Arnold had the experience, bravery, etiquette, and the valor that a great leader could possess. He had the potential to be the great hero that we know Washington to be in history. Arnold was underappreciated in many “missions.” He always did what had to be done; however, someone else would be recognized for something else. For example, he led the conquering of Fort Ticonderoga. He was in command of the siege and the person that was recognized afterwards was Colonel Ethan Allen. He had won over the favor of the troops. I understand why Arnold would be upset. Due to his act of being a traitor, his name was forever removed from the Hiram lodge. His signature was even etched out and instead it was marked as “traitor.” He would be forgotten as a brother of the lodge all due to the act of treason (P.94.) He had really lost all respect from everyone as a traitor in the United States. It didn’t matter previous achievements and accomplishments, once a traitor, always a

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