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It was a beautiful, fall Wednesday afternoon, and I had just gotten off the bus at the end of my street. I had tears in my eyes as I ran home. It had been the worst day of my 1st grade career. Earlier that day I fell in the mud and have to wear the ugly sweatpants that the school gave me. Standing in front of the full-length mirror in the girl’s bathroom, I had never felt as embarrassed as I was in that moment. So there I was running down the street with ugly sweatpants and a tear streaked face. After running all the way home, I pushed the door open and ran up the stairs to my room. Nothing would make me feel better. I tried it all, I played with my dolls, I tried to watch a movie, but none of that helped. So I decided I would try reading.…show more content…
But I ran into my brother’s room and gathered all of my favorite books, which he stole. Then I went into the guest room and grabbed our old stereo that played kaset tapes. Finally I went into my room and gathered all of my other favorite books. At the time my favorite book was the book version of Disney’s Lady and the Tramp that was also available on kaset tape. I sat in my tiny wooden rocking chair with my stuffed duck, appropriately named Ducky. Placing the kaset into the kaset player, I opened the book to start reading along to the tape. I read and read, and with every book the embarrassment of the day started to melt away. I read all of my favorites, Lady and the Tramp, Froggy goes to school, and Good Night Moon. Little did I know that at the time my dad thought I was at a friends house and did not realize that while he was running I had slipped into the house unheard. While I was reading in my room, my dad had finished his run and now wanted me to come home. But what he didn’t know was that I was already home. He called my neighbor expecting them to send me home, but I wasn’t there. He began to panic and called all around the neighborhood but I was nowhere to be
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