The Importance Of Death In Social Work

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Death like aging is a natural part of life. However, most individuals avoid discussing the topic of death and facing their own mortality while others embrace death. In America, the subject of death is somewhat taboo, while other cultures celebrate death and view death as a passing from this world on to the next. People who openly talk about death seem to have a profound spiritual belief which has brought comfort and peace to the dying individual. However, even when an individual does not fear death itself, they may have fears about the process of dying with regards to pain, and quality of life versus quantity. The critically ill individual may also worry about their final wishes being respected and how their families will cope with the…show more content…
In addition, social workers have a knowledge of dealing with mental health needs, and the psychosocial issues of grief and dying. Social workers provide this service through advocacy, education, counseling and the constant evaluation of patient and family needs. As the medical field has advanced through technology and pharmacology, people suffering from chronic illnesses such as Cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Congestive Heart Failure are living longer lives than they had in the past. Therefore, it is important to understand the differences in the services provided by palliative care and hospice care and the importance of the social work practitioner involvement in these…show more content…
Death like aging is a part of life. Each of us will die in our own time and if some of us our lucky we will live a long and happy life. As Kubler-Ross stated in her book On Death and Dying, “We cannot help the terminally ill patient in a really meaningful way if we do not include his family” (1969, p.151). Consequently, that is what social workers strive for, helping families in times of grief. The social work practitioner actively listens to the concerns and issues the dying individual and their family may have. They give the dying client and family a sense of dignity and values the clients’ right to self-determination on the decisions they make in the end of life process while showing compassion to the client and their

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