Essay On Water Management In Bhutan

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Abstract This paper explores some published articles that addresses on water management and water related issues such as water shortage. Over the few decades, Bhutan has been facing water shortage in most of the regions despite the abundance of water resources in the country. The pressure on water is increasing due to competing demands from users. In the meanwhile, either water are drying up or getting depleted. To address such issues, no proper legislative frameworks on water supply are addressed. However, the Bhutan Water Vision, The Water Act and Water Policy are being formulated to enable efficient management of the water resources. Revision on some of the existing water policy, some of the definitive solutions and also initiatives such…show more content…
On top of this, ground water resources are very limited for the people. For this reason, surface waters are the main sources of drinking and irrigation purposes in Bhutan. Current Status of Water Use in Bhutan Water plays a variety of roles in the everyday lives of the Bhutanese people, touching every aspect of their existence. Water is used for the religious purposes, sanitation, drinking, farming, agro-processing, and social gathering (Dorji, 2016). Additionally, it is also used for hydroelectricity generation, industrial use and domestic use for turning the wheel of mills. In addition to available water, rain water is used for taking annual bath locally known as Tsachhu which is believed to be purest water for cleansing, healing and relaxation (Dorji, 2016). Main rivers are used for hydropower generation, recreation and waste assimilation. While, river tributaries are used for irrigation and water supply. Likewise, sub-surface water such as spring and aquifer are used for domestic water supply and small irrigation. In overall, largest amount of waters are drawn from the rivers, ponds, streams and springs either for consumption or watering livestock. Physical and Social Factors Causing Water

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