What Does The Window Symbolize The Catcher In The Rye

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The Main reason why J.D. Salinger wrote this Novel "Cather In the Rye" was to use symbolism to explain the struggle of an adolescent teen while they grow up. Others will say that the use of contrastive language would be the better reason why it explains how hard it is to live as a adolescent teen. But the contrastive language only shows how Holden just thinks everyone is a "phony" which doesn't necessarily have to mean that all adolescent teens think that way. Another thing that people say that shows how adolescent teens have a hard time is how J.D. Salinger puts in a sexual quest throughout the novel. However, even though a teen is a virgin, it doesnt have to mean that the teen is an adolescent who is struggling in growing up as an adult. Finally another big reason…show more content…
The window has multiple symbolic definitions that show Holdens struggle, For example one of the scenes in the novel is when Holden is looking out the window at the hotel. The Symbolic meaning in that scene was showing the mind of an adolescent teen which shows their prospective of the adult world and how sickening it is to be an adult. Another example of the use of the mirror to show the struggle of adolescent teens is when he is looking at himself through the mirror after the fight he had with Stradlater. In the symbolic sense, readers see it as adolescent teens going to the future and seeing what they see themselves in years later. Last but certainly not least, the scene where Holden looks through the window and sees the student from elton hills jump out the window. The symbolism in this scene is so significant because, this makes adolescent teens think that the way to adulthood will only lead them to their own death. with all these symbolic scenes witht the window in the novel show how much of a struggle it provides for adolescent

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