Persepolis Innocence Analysis

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The loss of Marjane's innocence and the effect of war on her Goodmorning Mr.Steve and my fellow students, today i'm going to be presenting my iop on my chosen book persepolis, i'm going to be talking about the loss of Marjane’s innocence and the effect of war on her.Some of the things that influenced the loss of Marji’s innocence were her wanting to become a rebell, the war surrounding her and some other events that happened throughout the book. The innocence of being a child was taken away from marjane at such a young age by a lot of things such as the reality of war, the islamic revolution and her wanting to become a rebellious child. This loss of her innocence has caused marjane satrapi to mature and grow up too quickly. Marjane first…show more content…
Marjane learned many things in her room, and grew up more and more from every detail she heard. Marjane learned about the effect of the war while in her living room, resulting in her maturing too fast. Marjane first learned of the war by overhearing her parents in the living room, sparking an interest for the subject at an age where war is a difficult concept to understand. In her living room, she heard Anoosh’s stories of how he was tortured, causing her to mature even more because she had never heard of anything so bizarre and horrifying before.After Marji gains some insight on the struggles of her country she is educated even further on their government. Marji intently listens as her parents' Friend Moshen exposes Marji to the cruel punishments he faced in prison. "My parents were so shocked... that they forgot to spare me this experience..." (51). After Marji hears Moshen's story a small part of her innocence is lost from being exposed to such surreal events. "I never imagined that you could use that appliance for torture" (51), Marji says with a scared look on her face. The happy-go-lucky mentality of a child is no longer present in Marji. She has lost a part of her innocence by not knowing the horrors of the

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