Pendulum Mechanism

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Abstract— This paper consist of working of reciprocating pump which is driven by a compound pendulum. It provides the energy required to lift the water from a tank placed approximately several meter below the ground level. Basic application of the mechanism will be for watering the garden which will be operated by means of operation opening and closing of entrance gate. Paper consists of basic concept, design of pump and compound pendulum mechanism and fabricationed model. The concept can also be implemented in the rural areas, having the problem of electric supply. We aim at making a prototype for providing some mean for pumping of water by the pump which requires less human efforts, considering cost effectiveness, easy to operate and portable…show more content…
Axis of the pendulum, 4. Water pump, 5. Piston of the pump The pump is made of pendulum, and cylinder with the piston which pumps the water. Oscillation of the pendulum is maintained by periodical action of the human arm.Oscillation period of the pendulum is twice bigger than the period of the lever oscillation. Piston of the pump has reverse effect on the lever and damps its oscillation. Equilibrium position of the lever is horizontal, and the equilibrium position of the pendulum is vertical. Oscillation of the lever and the pendulum takes place in the same plane, vertical in reference to the ground. Gravity effect: The gravity effect can be created by using rotation and inertia.In this, the pendulum represents the gravity shield, such that its energy varies from horizontal to vertical axis. The work done by total vertical force acting at pivot point of the pendulum when the pendulum is at vertical axis is passed to the left side of the lever and this work is used to increase potential energy of mass on the other side of the lever as it goes in upward…show more content…
The kinetic energy possessed by an object is the energy it possesses due to its motion. It is a quantity that depends upon both mass and speed. The equation that relates kinetic energy (KE) to mass (m) and speed (v) is, KE = 1/2 mv2 Two types of potential energy are discussed in The Physics Classroom Tutorial - gravitational potential energy and elastic potential energy. Elastic potential energy is only present when a spring (or other elastic medium) is compressed or stretched. The amount of gravitational potential energy is dependent upon the mass (m) of the object and the height (h) of the object. The equation for gravitational potential energy (PE) is, PE = mgh Where g represents the gravitational field strength (sometimes referred to as the acceleration caused by gravity) and has the value of 9.8 m/s2.The height of an object is expressed relative to some arbitrarily assigned zero level. As the pendulum bob does the back and forth, there are times during which the bob is moving away from the equilibrium position. III. CONSTRUCTION AND

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