Poor Children Die More Than Rich Children Essay

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Why do poor children die more than rich children? The death rate have drop to record of low developing countries, that the improvement of the government action, are simply protect in health measures, that helped narrow the death rates between the richest and the poorest. They compared death rates between the 2000 and the 2007 also with the records of 2008 and 2012, they found under five death rates that fell 4.3 deaths among poor families. Among middle income families rates fell 3.36 million and among the wealth families rates fell to 2.06 deaths. (“The poorest of the poor, countries that people live or $1 or $2 per day on average that have seen enormous declines in mortality, children are surviving at rates that have never seen before”. Weaver) Eran Bendavid is a health expert, work with other researchers on a study. That used population and health studies to investigate child mortality rates in 54 countries, that involved information about 1.2 million women more than 929,ooo families. (“The United Nations says 12.7 million children under the age of five died in 1990, by comparison, the U.N. officials says about 6.3 million young children died last year, thats a huge drop, but still represent about 17,000 deaths every day”. Weaver) 6.3 million children died last year mostly from preventable causes, nearly 17,000 young…show more content…
The promises and pledges from the wealthy and the powerful countries and the corruption of the power ones, that receive apparently abundant goodwill and make the headlines. Investing the world poorest children can save million of lives, UN study finds, some people fear there will be fatigue at hearing those depressing stories all the time. The pressure of the media companies to put a bit more entertainment or good news on the bullying moods are not

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