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From the mid 1500s to the 1700s there were three scientists that changed the world forever. Galileo Galilei, Robert Hooke, and Sir Isaac Newton were the names of these three legendary scientists. They were interested in mathematics, science, philosophy, and biology. They are all famous for their theories and laws. Each connected to physics, these theories and laws helped lots of people understand more about their inventions or improvements. Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa, Italy in 1564. He went to The University of Pisa to study medicine in 1581. Galileo built his first telescope in 1609, an improved version upon the Dutch design. Galileo supported the idea from Nicholas Copernicus the the sun was in the center of the universe and all the planets orbited around it. Pope Paul V banned the teachings and support of Copernicus theory publicly. His ideas and findings proved that his studies were true.…show more content…
He was around eighteen and twenty years old when he went to school to study science. He improved the pendulum clock and invented a balance spring to make a more accurate pocket watch. Hooke discovered that the tension in a spring would increase when the spring was stretched out. When he was around thirty years old he published one of the bestselling scientific books ever called “ Micrographia.” Later on he had built a compound microscope with a new focusing mechanism that he had designed. He had also improved his microscope by putting a light source on it and using a water-lens to reflect the light on the organism he was viewing. Using his improved microscope he discovered microscopic fungi and the structure of plants. Hooke also discovered the laws of motion, he said "that gravity applied to all celestial bodies and that the force of gravity between bodies decreases with the distance between them. If the force were to be removed, the celestial bodies would move in straight

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