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I love Gurgaon : A city that gives identity to Women I am 42-year-old professor, happily married with teenage son moved to Gurgaon four years back. Originally from Pune, post marriage lived in Bangalore. So I had enough exposure to metro cities in India before moving to millennium city (Thanks to husband’s transferrable job ) I crossed toll and entered in Gurgaon, I rolled down a window of taxi and piped outside huge fly over and the tower of cyber city made me feel like entering in Singapore. My family was quite, thinking about what stored next for us. I was happy moving to Gurgaon but at the same time I was extremely nervous because when you first move to a new city , one of the hardest obstacles to overcome in order to get your life together…show more content…
Gurgaon’s brand obsession, big long cars in parking slots made me anxious. Each lady in Gurgaon was looking beautiful and well maintained than me. This made me conscious. After the initial enthusiasm, I started spending more and more time on my own in my room and politely declining any invitation for social events. Well dressed moms coming to my son’s school made me feel like going to fashion show. I Even started avoiding picking and dropping my son from school. But Gurgaon’s active social network helped me get out of this loneliness syndrome. Gradually I realized that Gurgaon stored a different story for me. This city took me back to childhood. In other cities I was just living but Gurgaon gave my life to me. I love Gurgaon because it gave me an identity and for any woman her identity is her existence. The city gave life to my passion which I killed 24 years ago due to social stigma. Despite of winning state level awards in acting I had to quite the stage. I got connected to one of the theater groups through the famous face book group “Gurgaon Moms”. I meet diverse group of ladies. All of them were from different backgrounds like IT, school teachers, business women, house wives from 30 to 65 age group. We all came together, wrote a script, practiced and performed. We all were in news papers, television, and social

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