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Classify the drafting systems used at the ring frame with example and explain a modern system. Drafting system can be broadly classified under two heads namely – 1. Regular drafting system without apron. And 2. Drafting system with apron. The system with apron can again be classified into three groups – 1. Single apron system. 2. Double apron system. and 3. Multiple apron system. Example of regular drafting system without apron – a. Conventional three roller system. b. Improved system. c. H and B four rollers long draft system. d. 5 over 4 roller systems. Example of single apron drafting system – a. Saco – Lowell. Both systems. b. Saco – Lowell. Shaw system. c. Saco – Lowell. Z system. d. Toenniessen system. and e. Versatex LS system.…show more content…
Maintain winding tension of the yarn by the frictional resistance between the ring and traveller. d. It acts as a second guide for the yarn on the way to be wound on the bobbin. e. It performs the function of building motion to wind the constant length of yarn delivered by the front roller. In speed frame bobbin r.p.m changes with the increase of bobbin diameter but in ring frame the bobbin r.p.m remains constant and the traveller r.p.m increases with the increase of bobbin diameter. It also performs many other functions involving highly complicated problems of higher physics. Creel – The function of the creel is to hold the roving bobbin over a roller beam within a convenient height to easily handle the rovings. The creel must permit free running of the roving bobbins with slight tension on it. Spindle – a. The spindle holds the bobbin somewhat loosely but tight enough to prevent any slippage, so that the bobbin can be lifted out of the spindle with little exertion. b. With the help of the ring and traveller the spindle inserts twist in the yarn being delivered by the front roller. c. It also carries out another important function of winding the twisted thread on the bobbin with the help of ring and

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