Personal Statement: Why I Want To Be A Mechanical Engineer

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A U.S. Army veteran, Jeff is now a mechanical engineering student at NCSU. He found his passion for engineering design in his 20’s while diagnosing and operating an F-18’s as a mechanic in the Marines. He expressed fascination with improving the design of machinery and systems and possesses the skills to problem-solve and to repair mechanical problems: I can remember working under an F-18, working with its parts and seriously questioning the wisdom of the engineer that designed the system. I could’ve done a lot better. Why is this like this? I understand and know enough to know that issues like time and money were factors that go into designing systems. And I felt like that some of it could’ve been done better. He expressed a great desire to become a successful mechanical engineer where he can design, manufacture,…show more content…
I got to talk to them. I got to know them. I got to know what their jobs entailed. What it meant to be an engineer. I admired all of them because they filled a role that to me was kind of magical. Jeff continued to elaborate on the type of work that engineers are involved with, “You look at a bridge and you just see a bridge. But you never really think about all the little things that went into designing that bridge and making it stable and safe enough for use by the public”. Jeff is mindful of bridges and the process of building them, “To me was a little bit of a magical process, because the average person doesn’t get to see the ins and outs of that. You just see the end product”. He is optimistic in his views of engineering and engineers: I believe that engineers are special. That they fill a unique role. And that primary purpose is to make the lives of their fellow man better. And to do so in such a way that requires the utmost integrity and goodwill. Like you can’t cut corners. You can’t cheat. I mean and sometimes your only purpose is to make somebody else

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