Pearl Harbor Dbq

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On December 7, 1941, the Japanese launched a surprise attack at the US Naval Base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. More than 2,400 Americans died during the attack and twenty one ships had either sunk or were damaged. More than 188 of the US aircraft were destroyed. Because of the attack, The US abandoned their policy of isolatism and declared war on Japan, leading the US into World War ll. The main reason why Japan decided to attack the US was because an embargo was put on the Japanese prohibiting exports of steel, iron, and fuel. Another reason is when the Japanese tried to expand by taking a territory, Southeast Asia, the American people were not willing to go to war to stop it but in the end the United States demanded that the Japanese withdraw…show more content…
In about a week later, Roosevelt also embargoed on the export of oil to Japan that were still in the commercial flow to Japan. It was towards the end of 1941 when Japan tried to take some the oil resources in Southeast Asia and expand their territory when the United States wanted to stop the expansion of the Japanese. The United States demanded that they withdraw away from china and Indonesia and not take any more territory in return for a token withdrawal. It was then when the Japanese gave the United States two options. Either lift the embargos or let them take the territory they want or be prepared for war. General Toki Hideki had secretly set a date for when it would be the last day Japan would accept a settlement in return for no war which was November 29. The United States still were determined to get the Japanese to withdraw from Southeast Asia so Japan secretly got ready for war. The Japanese military made a war plan. First was to sweep into Burma, Malaya, the East Indies and then the Philippines. Their greatest concern and problem was that the US Pacific Fleet would ruin their plans so they decided to cripple the Pacific Fleet by a surprise air

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