The Pros And Cons Of FDR

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In my opinion, I believe that FDR was a good president and did great things for the USA that has shaped the us to what it is today. Even though he may have served two terms over what the 23rd amendment stated, that a president can only serve to terms, and some people were upset about that, within his four terms he did great things for America like getting us out of the great depression and going through World War II and helping us get a defeat. Although some people did not agree with his ways and the things that he did over his time serving he still helped the US get through some of the hardest times in history. He did a amazing job getting america out of the great depression, his “first hundred days” in office he gave the banks a four day…show more content…
Also during this Time Congress allowed one of FDR's programs in his “new deal” which was the emergency banking act and that is what allowed the banks to reopen when they can prove they are ready. He supported American allies before we entered World War II. At the beginning of World War II when Hitler invaded Poland, he was reelected or his third term because he promised not to send our troops into the war. Because he did not want to involve us in the war, he showed our support by sending our troops to help medically to our Allied powers. He did this with the land lease act that congress passed. We continue to support our Allied powers until Japan attacked the US on Pearl Harbor, and that is when the US declares war on Germany, Italy, and Japan. Want to be declared war FDR signed a order and it allowed any Japanese Americans living on American soil to be imprisoned. With many invasions with much coordination at many different times, there was a win for us and our allies with a final surrender from Japan. Sadly FDR could not be alive when the time came that the war was over, so he couldn't see the good that he help

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