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1) Which point of view is used in the book?: The third person point of view is used in this book, The narrator is a character in the story. In this case the narrator is Doctor Watson. For example: “Well, Watson, what do make of it?” Holmes, was sitting with his back to me, and I had given him no sign of my occupation.” This quote shows that Holmes is addressing Doctor Watson as he is examining something. Doctor Watson also addresses himself as “me” concluding that he is indeed Watson. 3) What was your favorite part of the book? Explain why you liked it so much: My favorite part was when Holmes and Watson were conversing about the facts they have together picked up about the the possible murderers. This was an exciting part for me because I saw how they were slowly but surely closing in on the suspect. Then they got him!…show more content…
Use specific examples to back up your ideas: One of the messages about life I learned from this book is persistence. Sherlock Holmes is an excellent example if “keep moving forward” no matter what happens. Take this short quote for example: “There go two of my threads, Watson. There is nothing more stimulating than a case that goes against you. We must cast around for another scent.” As you can see, they seem to have lost a couple of their leads toward the answer to their case. Then he gets right back up and keeps moving forward. 7) What happened at the end of the book? Was the ending satisfying? Why or why not?: At the end of the book, Holmes and Watson got their man! Stapleton was his name. The ending was very satisfying because they (1) got their man, and (2) no one was really hurt in the process. At the very (very) end, Watson and Holmes go over every single detail that was in the case. This is a very good ending because it leaves the reader with an in depth understanding of what happened in the book. It’s like a review of a class

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