Zimm Attack On Pearl Harbor Summary

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It was the modern day attack on American soil that left 2,403 servicemembers dead and 1,178 wounded. For over 70 years the Attack on Pearl Harbor has been called the "date which will live in infamy." The attack has been recalled in books, movies, interviews as the perfectly executed attack. But Dr. Alan D. Zimm's Attack on Pearl Harbor: Strategy, Combat, Myths, Deceptions sets out to provide a modern military analysis of the attack to disprove many of the misconceptions and myths of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Zimm, a former naval commander and currently a member of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory's Principal Professional Staff, serving as Section Leader in the Aviation Systems and Advanced Concepts Group, provides a critical analysis and evaluation of the strategy, operations and tactics involved in executing the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor. Though not a historian, Zimm utilizes his professional naval expertise to determine the tactics and…show more content…
It has been remarked in many publications that if the Japanese would have executed a third wave attack, that they would have changed the result of the war. Many believe that the Japanese missed an excellent opportunity. There is a common belief that in attacking the fuel supply and repair dock, the Japanese could have caused a greater impact. But this misconception has been proven false. Zimms estimated that the attack would only "destroy less than 6% of the area of the Navy Yard" (310). He also argued that any damage done in this attack could have been easily repaired. A third wave attack would have stretched the battered bombers to their limit. Zimm points out that the Japanese were not equipted to add this strike on their attack plan. But even if the Japanese chose to attack, the ammunition needed for this added attack was available. Yamamoto's decision to not send a third had sound

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