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How did the Attack on Pearl harbour in 1941 turn the tide against the Japanese during World War 2? Introduction: Japan and the United states had been edging towards war for a long time. The United States was unhappy with Japans attitude towards China. The Japanese wanted to expand its territory to solve its economic problems and take over Chinas import market so Japan declared war on China in 1937 (Source F) http://www.history.com/topics/world-war-ii/pearl-harbor[2015/08/02]. As Japanese aggression increased, relationships with the US deteriorated (Source B) Japan relied on America to supply many natural and industrial resources (Source B). America then responded by imposing sanctions on Japan. They felt that without access to money and goods,…show more content…
There was lack of co-ordination between Washington and Oahu and between different services. New intelligence was not communicated effectively. Ambassador Grew in Tokyo passed on intelligence that stated Japan was planning the attack. It was disregarded. Japanese aircraft were spotted by the American radar but no action was taken as they thought it was their own B-17 bombers due in from the mainland (Source C) http://www.historynet.com/world-war-ii[2015/07/30]. What were the results of the attack? Short term: The loss of 2500 lives as well as 1000 injuries was huge. 18 American ships and 300 airplanes were destroyed as well as docks and airfields (Source F). The Japanese had wanted to push the US to lift economic sanctions, instead it pushed them into war that resulted into Japan being occupied by a foreign power. More than two years after the start of the conflict the US had entered World War 2(Source F) http://www.history.com/topics/world-war-ii/pearl-harbor[2015/08/02]. Long term changes: World War II bought about major leaps in technology and social changes such as civil rights movement, end of European colonialism, modern women’s rights as well as programmes for outer space. As the allies were victors, the USA and USSR emerged from World War II to begin a Cold War with each other. (Source D)

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