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SOUTHSIDE TEAM CASE STUDY South Street hospital is one of the most popular and patient centric hospitals in the area, but they are having issues with customer service due to their call center. A patient was harassed and made to feel as if he wouldn’t be treated unless he brought his payment in full, and a doctor in the hospital has also experienced this issue. That experience turned the patient off from coming in for a needed procedure. From what I gather there are three main areas that have broken down, patient satisfaction, staff communication breakdown, and the employee tracking system. TEAM CREATION SSH just had a mishap in patient satisfaction, communication breakdown and an employee going rogue. In this situation, I think the hospital…show more content…
In terms on patient dissatisfaction, this is the most important issue for them to fix. The discussion should be centered about how patients feel when they are dealing with their providers, nurses and customer service agents in the hospital. The next discussion should be centered around the communication lapse and or attack from their patient services agent. As it said in our case study, the agents are supposed to be following a script, but this person did not. They would need to delve into the script, how it was written, its effectiveness previously and if there need to be any changes. The last discussion they would need to broach, is tracking who and when the call was made. Mrs. Mintz who is the head of SSH pre-admission, said she would look into the call and how it was handled. At no point in our story did she come back and state that she found the culprit. In this situation, all calls need to be recorded and listened to hourly by a team of customer service specialists. What this would do is track the calls, the subject matter and kind of call. If an agent goes off script, a note of it would be made. Depending on the severity of the offense either a reprimand or a firing would be handed down. All employees going forward would need to provide their customer with a name and an employee number to track their

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