Fast Food Checkers Research Paper

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Quality or Popularity The demands of life have made people busier than ever making regularly attends of fast food restaurants a necessity. Choosing between fast food restaurants can be a daunting task. As a college student I barley have time to eat so I turn to fast food; some are more popular and other offer a better quality of food. But when it comes to choosing is really up to the place I am nearest to. McDonald’s is a well-known fast food restaurant but the quality of their products cannot compete with Checkers. Based on their food, presentation and publicity certainly Checkers is a much better restaurant than McDonald’s. Firstly when it comes to good food quality Checkers beats McDonald’s. By changing the menu every few month or so…show more content…
Driving by a McDonald’s location the building that has the big red sing with the yellow M cannot be missed. Walking into a store diverse from store to store each one is different and some are more up today than others. When I go to order at the cashier most of the time the cashier just ask right away what I want so he/she can move on with the costumer. After I finally get my order twenty minutes later, as I start walking to sit on the tables most of them are just dirt with the leftover of other people making my dine-in a dine-out at my house. Unlike McDonald’s, Checkers restaurants are uniform, all of their locations look the same. The nontraditional buildings capture my attention and the sign by itself takes me back in time. The locations are design to be on the go they have two drive thru one on each side and a front window, but personally I enjoy getting out of my car and ordering at the window. When I walk up to the window the cashier always greets me with enthusiasm and takes my order. Checkers dine-in are design to be in touch with your surrounding which is something I enjoy, the tables are located outside with big red umbrellas. Since the tables are always clean I enjoy sitting outside. Overall McDonald’s presentation in not to the standards of

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