Absolutely True Diary Part Time Indian Analysis

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In dedication of Absolutely True Diary Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexies, he wrote “For Wellpinit and Reardan, my hometown”. This quote symbolizes the entire book about how both towns are the home of Arnold Sprite and Sherman Alexie. Through the two homes Arnold was able to find his identity and learned how home is not the only place where one is born, but it is also a place where one belongs. Furthermore, through Absolutely True Diary Part Time Indian it taught us home is not a specific place instead it is a place where teaches an individual how to adapt and make ourselves comfortable among the different types of people. Ever since Arnold was born, he struggled to fit in with his peers because of his physical appearance, since then he was an easy target to the bullies and for that reason he…show more content…
Arnold was an outcast due to his physical appearance, Rowdy was an outcast due to his violent behavior; Arnold’s father went to a Catholic school instead of the school in the reservation and Arnold’s sister Mary who went to live with her husband in Montana. The path they took are very different compare to all those in the reservation, these are the people who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone even though Arnold’s father given up on his own life but he continued to support his children. It was Mr. P’s word that really awakens Arnold’s hope; he finally realizes his hometown Wellpinit is like a prison, because his reservation only contains people with no hope and no home. Everyone in the reservation was so lost in hope, their home are only shelters, a roof over the head but none of them truly understands what home was unlike Arnold. He noticed if he was to continue to stay in the reservation, he will become the Native Indians who lose their hope in life and will not be able to grow mentally and
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