Analysis Of The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian By Sherman Alexie

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Experiencing new things can be occasionally challenging, but when overcoming the, challenges it can always makes a person stronger. In the novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie. A young boy named, Junior who was born with too much cerebral spinal fluid in his skull. That caused him with countless problems. His whole family lived on a reservation. Where it portrays him as an outcast. He’s constantly getting picked on beaten up by almost everyone, who lives on the reservation. Junior doesn't have many friends. One particular person that can understand him is his close friend, Rowdy. As a result of Junior leaving the reservation, he realized that it impacted and changed his life. The three major effects that…show more content…
Rowdy was the first individual to know. Rowdy couldn't believe it, he thought Junior was lying. Junior and Rowdy have been through thick and thin. Rowdy didn't understand why Junior wanted to leave. He’s the only person that genuinely knows Junior well. They have been through the almost the same experience. Even Though, Rowdy isn't the nicest guy on the reservation. He is willing to protect Junior against the people who are bullying him. The day Junior told Rowdy that he was transferring school. On that exact same day he finally discovered, “ my best friend had become my worst enemy”(53). This demonstrates, that Rowdy and Junior are no longer friends anymore. Its worst thing that could ever happen, when your best friend turns into your worst enemy. Not only losing your best friend, Junior now has someone hating him. Therefore, Rowdy isn't there anymore, Junior must learn how to protect himself without Rowdy. Losing Rowdy to Junior is losing someone that is special to him. Junior is all alone, he has no one to support him. Leaving the reservation affected Junior because he lost his best friend. Overall, Junior is experiencing a new world by himself without knowing anyone as he leaves the

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