Character Analysis Of Arnold Spirit In The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian

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Arnold spirit is a reservation boy who will die in the rez, unless if he merely survives in there. He must leave the reservation and go live. In the story, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. Arnold Spirit is a young Indian boy living in Wellpinit Reservation with his gorilla glue family. Born with water in the brain, and having big feet with too many medical visits he is a lost and bullied boy. His only friend in the rez, Rowdy is the toughest kid in the rez, and Arnolds bestfriend since forever. Arnold decides to switch schools into Rearden, the neighboring rich, white school. A school for hope for Arnold. Arnold becomes more true to himself through confidence, and going into the unknown where he takes risks.…show more content…
Discovering things he wouldn't have known without leaving the reservation. All he learned throughout his journey was through taking risks and standing up straight. The risks he took showed people around him he wasn't a bullied boy anymore, he was better than that he knows it. In all the the risks he took. Leaving the reservation was the biggest one. But without it all the other lessons, and character building for Arnold wouldn't had happened. He gained a lot of confidence, by the tasks he took on and accomplished. His caring friends was there to support and show that he was enough for them. Through thick and thin Arnold’s friends stood by him and tried to understand to the best of their abilities his situations. He was thankful for that and learned to love himself, though he had many flaws. We as humans need to be challenged in a way that will make us find our selves in a different light. Sherman Alexie portraited that into Arnolds story. He was put into one of the most challenging situations in his life, with many obstacles and he learned to take those obstacles on, with accepting himself but knowing he can be better and he is, and he

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