The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian Analysis

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Luke stiles Mrs. Love Hilliard Multicultural Lit & Film 28 April 2017 Creative Title We read The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian By Sherman Alexie. This book is wonderful it has a little bit for everyone its has hope,love,happiness,hate and acceptance. The main charter in the book is a handicap kid named junior A.K.A arnold. In the book arnold deals with a lot of bullying from other people and he finally overcomes it. In the book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian By Sherman Alexie the way I see identity in rowdy and junior is the way they act around each other and the way they act around other people. Junior was born with too much fluid on his head so he had to have surgery which left im with permanent brain damage.…show more content…
I think part of the reason that the poverty is a big deal is because the alcoholism. Junior said in the book that his dad would go on week long drinking binges which is probably where a majority of the family's money goes. And there is a theme starting to develop with loss because first junior lost his best friend because he decided to go to reardan, then his sister ran away with some man she met at a casino and they moved to Montana in a very nice trailer according to his sister she writes him often and in her last letter she put in there that she was going to write her life down. So that made junior happy because that's what he wanted her to do. Then the last person lost was his grandmother. His grandmother was on her way home from the hospital when she was struck and killed by a drunk driver. In a way I think that kinda helped junior with his bullying after that he said people said left him…show more content…
we shall start with that. The hope in this book mostly comes from junior, he took a huge risk when he decide to switch schools especially a all white school off the rez. Junior hopes for a better education and a better future he doesn't want to be a alcoholic like his dad because a lot of bad things happen on the rez while people are drunk. There is a little hope in juniors sister. Juniors sister married a random guy she met at a casino and she moved away to try and make a better life for herself and husband. She moved to Montana with her husband and moved into a trailer she started to write to junior about her wanting to be a writer. The acceptance in this book is a wonderful display of how people can come and work together. The way the school started off treating junior and the way they ended the book is a tremendous change, they went from making fun of him and not talking to him too all standing up for him, and he was very thankful and shocked that when they walked out of the class he stayed in the class and laughed at the teacher. So from that point on he knew he had made the right decision by switching

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