The Importance Of Urbanization

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The increasing urbanization of cities around the world has led to the disappearance of public space and increased competition for resources and introduced several problems for citizens and city planners and officials. Such issues are particularly complicated in cities with high population densities and those that have developed unplanned from ancient cities. With population estimates ranging from 11 to 15 million, Istanbul is listed as one of the 23 largest cities in terms of population in the world (population statistics vary according to source and debate continues as to the difference between the official and unofficial population figures) (Demographia 2015). 2013-1014 census data published by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat) places the population of Istanbul at 14,377,018, comprising…show more content…
The majority of people view “driving one’s own car as a status symbol...and using a car stood symbolic of success” (Jakle and Sculle 2004, p. 44). People prefer the comfortable isolation of a private car to the crowd of public transportation and noise of the street. In order to make the decision whether or not to park in front of a school or in a place marked ‘no parking’ or continue driving in circles to look for an available legal parking spot the driver must weigh the benefits of parking immediately in a spot more convenient to themselves or considering the needs of the entire community. There is no assumption that drivers are unaware of the detrimental effects of these choices. Using the framework of social dilemma theory allows us to ask why citizens of a crowded city such as Istanbul chose to park their cars in illegal and obstructive manners that disrupt communal space and inconvenience and endanger other community

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