Florida International University Case Study

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The Parking Issue at the Florida international University PARKING AT THE FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY AND HOW CAN IT BE SOLVED There is a major issue on the beautiful Modesto Maidique campus of FIU University. Parking is always a matter with students and visitors. It is a problem because the land around FIU is overcrowded, there are not enough parking areas available. Fines have been increasing every week for misplaced cars. Students are becoming more and more discouraged with the absence of parking accessible to them and would like to presence a transformation. This transformation is trying to be made with the new parking lot constructed by the CBC building; however, only building a few more spaces is not going to solve a major problem like this. At the moment, if we park unlawfully on-campus, we will receive a thirty five dollar…show more content…
For instance, it would be good if when our loved ones come to the university, they would have labelled space for them to park instead of them driving everywhere on campus for hours for an open space. Practically every major University campus has selected free visitor parking space where the students’ loved ones are able to find a space. Moreover, if the university is running out of space for more parking; perhaps, FIU could create an economic incentive to motivate students to carpool other fellows. Students are hungry for free things since most of us run low on our budgets. Therefore, by offering free eating campus’ dollars to eat on the Fresh Food Company for each person a student carpooled, it would significantly motivate the scholars. Most of us know a classmate who lives on our area even if they are not yet our friend, so the important thing is that if we were put in the position in which free food would be offered for taking that classmate to the university, I am sure most of us would hang to that

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