Much More Than Just Immigration: Article Analysis

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Tanisha Love Ramirez describes in here article “Proof Latinos Care about Much More than Just Immigration” mainly focuses on Hispanic voters and their three more important issues to worry about such as education, wealth, and healthcare. Tyler Kingkade in his article “Trump supporters Harass Immigration Protestors in Iowa” talks about what the “Students against bigotry” Latino protesters had went through while they were protesting against Trumps comments about immigration in the parking lot of the Iowa football game. My last article “ISIS Terror: Yazidi Woman Recalls Horrors of Slave Auction” by Richard Engel and James Novogrod. A few of the topics are about “life of an Isis slave,” and women telling their tales of their own experience and their…show more content…
In 2014 the “Pew Research Center” had Hispanics voters list some issues that matter most to them and immigration was not the first one on the list. It was the fourth. In the article the author explains the most important one to them was their education. 57% in 2013 surveys say that they said it “was extremely important.” Latinos today are enrolling more into college but they say their “white peers” are more likely to complete a bachelor’s degree because it leads to their other issue of wealth. Some Latinos are having a hard time paying for college and becoming wealthy from 2007-2013 72% with college degrees and 41% without college degrees a study from “Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.” Ramirez explains in here article that Latinos are arguing their main reason why this is happening because of “discrimination and inequality experienced by Latinos in housing market and workforce.” Another issue was healthcare approximately 6 million U.S. born Hispanics do not have health care insurance according to “Pew Report” 12% are 18 or younger and planned parenthood is saying that the number might increase. As the 2016 election comes around the author describes that more of Latino voters are trying to get their voice heard to resolve some

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