Paramedic Philosophy

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The World Health Organization’s definition of health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. I believe the definition of health can be different for everyone, because we all have different priorities when concerning our individual health. For example, some of us are concerned with losing weight, making appropriate food choices, being physically active as well as spiritually centered, cutting bad habits such as smoking and drinking. Personally, health is defined as a human state or condition that is multidimensional in nature, a resource for living, and results from interactions and adaptations to one’s environment. Health is something very important, since it not…show more content…
So what exactly is a paramedic? What do they do? According to the dictionary, it states that a Paramedic is a person who is trained to do medical work, especially emergency first aid, but is not usually a fully qualified physician. But being a paramedic is more than that. A paramedic is a very important tool in evaluating patients in an emergency situation. They provided medical care to sustain life in the pre-hospital environment. Common skills acquired are advanced cardiac life support, obstetrics, advanced airway management, but most important to stabilize the patient. Paramedics are sometimes under viewed, but their occupation is essential in society’s emergency care. I’ve never thought of becoming a paramedic until I found myself in a situation where someone had to attained emergency care. As a Paramedic I plan to achieve optimal emergency care on land as in the Air. I have received many certification that I believe have provided me with the knowledge that is acquired to achieve that. I am certified in CPR/First Aid, Search and Rescue, Phlebotomy, and EMT basic as well as advanced. I plan on furthering my education to also. I am fully dedicated with my

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