Character Analysis: As I Lays Dying

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Selene Pola ENGL 380 Professor Hart 7 December 2014 As Addie Lays Dying In the novel As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner it seems that all roads lead to Addie Bundren. Even though Addie’s voice in the novel is one that is buried, one could argue that the text mainly revolves around her powerful monologue. Whether it was intentional or not, we will never know but Faulkner’s title for this novel seemingly fits around her character, she is speaking to the readers as she lays dying both psychically and metaphorically. Early criticism of Addie’s character seemed to focus less on her one and only first person narrative in the novel but instead pay more attention to the other characters and how they responded to her death. However, with the rise of feminist critics 30 to 40 years after the novel was published came a new set of eyes that brought new and fresh insight to her…show more content…
In Faulkner’s Women: The Myth and the Muse David Williams characterizes the Bundren family as “victims of an unnatural, loveless mother.” He continues to state that the theme of As I Lay Dying is “the lack of mother-love and its consequent impact upon a family.” There are many critics who agree with Williams due to the fact there is substantial evidence in the novel to support this claim. In Annette Wannamaker’s “Salvation is Just Words Too”: Addie Bundren and the Language of Motherhood” she states that many people believe this stereotype of Addie as a bad mother because “Addie beats her students, favors Jewel, has an affair with a preacher, stubbornly refuses to confess her sins, and asks to be buried in Jefferson – the request that sets the even of the novel into motion.” It is safe to say that Addie’s monologue is widely

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