Paramedic Vs Emt Essay

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In the field of EMS (Emergency Medical Service) Paramedics and EMTs are both trained professionals who respond to medical emergencies. But what most people don’t know is that a Paramedic and an EMT are not the same thing. So some may ask what the difference in an EMT and a Paramedic is. The media tends to categorizes them together which it makes the public think that they are the same and that can both perform the same duties as each other due to, but they cant. Which also begs the question; why can’t an EMT perform the same procedures as a Paramedic? In the state of Texas in order to get the certificate to be an EMT you need at least “19 - 20 Total Hours” and to be a Paramedic you need at least “45 semester hours required for completion” (Emergency Medical Services Professions Curriculum.). To get the certification to be an…show more content…
You need to be compassionate because as an EMT or Paramedic you need to be able to provide the patient with emotional support regardless of what the patient is going through. Interpersonal skills are a good quality to have because you need to be able to work well with others that you are on duty with and in a timely manner. You need to have extremely good listening skills so you can listen to everything the patients and co-workers need and have to tell you, so you can decide on what to do to help them. Physical strength is a definite thing that is needed when being an EMT or Paramedic because there is a lot of lifting, bending, and kneeling so you need to be physically fit. You need to be able to have good speaking skills so you can comfort the patient and be able to explain the procedures you are doing to them, but also so you can reply information to whoever needs it. Lastly you need good problem solving skills so that after you determine what is wrong with your patient then you can determine which procedure needs to be done in order to help

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