Pain: The Female Reproductive System

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Pain is the most common symptom to accompany disease, generally changing the lives of the person in pain and can be chronic or acute. Pain is not only uncomfortable and unpleasant but it means that is something wrong. (Trickey 2004, p. 289) Pain results when tissue damage occurs, accompanied with feelings of discomfort from stimulation of pain receptors. It is the bodies warning system and lets you know, there is a problem. (Gould & Dyer 2011, p. 53) In the female reproductive system, this is seen when there is an imbalance in eicosanoids, hormone-like substances. (Trickey 2004, p. 86) Other factors may play a part, such as infection, inflammation, allergies, hormone changes or poor diet, favouring the production of one eicosanoid over

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