Investigator Of Moral Climates By Willia William Stendahl

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Benjamin Driscoll was a thirty-one year old man who was struggling to breathe on Mars, and his main goal was to plant trees and see them produce pure air on Mars. Unfortunately, it is so parched that trees cannot grow. However, one night, rain tumbles down from the sky while Benjamin is sleeping and the trees start growing at maximum speed.In the morning, Benjamin wakes up to discover that his dream came true, but he couldn’t take it all in at once so he fainted. Tomás Gomez comes to a gas station where he meets a lonesome man named Pop. They exchange their views on how they like Mars so far. Tomás then meets a martian named Muhe Ca but they don’t understand each other until Muhe transmits English vocabulary into his knowledge. They suddenly have arguments about one or the other living in the future or the past, if the “dead” martian city is in ruins or in good shape, and they start playing a game of “I SPY”. They soon depart, going to their party, thinking they just had the most outlandish dream of their life.…show more content…
Bigelow to build a house called Usher ll for his stocked up robots that are apparently book characters from his burnt down library. Investigator of Moral Climates, Mr. Garrett, soon arrives to investigate Usher ll and sadly dies because a robot ape kills him. Stendhal then makes a plan with his ally, Pikes, to invite important book burners to the house so he could murder them for burning his treasured books. They all come, and one by one they “mysteriously” die while Stendahl tricks others into thinking that the people who were dying were just robot lookalikes. The real Mr. Garrett comes and he is also tricked into thinking he will see his duplicate die, but he is chained to the wall before Stendahl escapes with Pikes and the building blows to

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