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Cupping Cupping is an ancient medical technique that consists in placing special glass cups, bamboo jars, or plastic cups in your skin to create suction by using special techniques. After the suction, (which usually last 10 minutes) has occurred the doctor removes the glasses and he or she realizes message across the skin where the cups were placed, this gives the person a very relaxing sensation. This technique is similar to acupuncture because it targets the acupuncture points. It also follows the path of the meridians, (the cups are placed along the five paths of the meridians that are in the back) but instead of using thin needles doctors use glass cups. The purpose of cupping is to remove the toxins that are in your body's tissues and relieve the pain by enhancing your…show more content…
• People that have gynecological and obstetrical conditions • Moxibustion can prevent colds and flu. Many doctors that practice Chinese medicine often realize acupuncture and moxibustion in the same session because they think that when these two treatments are used together, they can increase each other's effectiveness (University of California Television). Herbal therapy Chinese herbal therapy is an ancient and widely used practice in which individual herbs are combined into formulas that are in the form of tea, pill, or a liquid extract. There are about thousand herbs used for medicinal purposes. This therapy has the same objective as acupuncture and many other Chinese therapies which is to rebalance our Qi in our body to cure illnesses and improve your energy. Each herb is associated with an organ. However, Chinese herbal therapy is not only about herbs, it includes other medical substance such as mineral substances (Schoenbart & Shefi 2007). Chinese herbs are used to: • Increase your energy • Decrease pain • Decrease cold and flu symptoms • Improve your sleep • Regulate menstrual

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