Ottoman Empire Outline

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Title: The Age of Empires I. Introduction A. Question (1 pt): Based on the policies of the Ottoman Empire, how did the empire last for so long? B. Context (2 pts): The beginning of the Ottoman Empire is dated back to 1299 AC. The empire had its borders with Christians in the west and Persian Shias in the east, the defeat of the empire was after the end of the World War I C. Thesis Statement (5 pts): There are many reasons, which might be affiliated with this accomplishment. The ottomans were successful due to their system of governing, military system, and the Islamic/secular ideologies of the rulers II. Supporting Argument 1 D. Topic (2 pts): The governing system of the Ottoman Empire consisted of a highly centralized government that…show more content…
He was called many descriptions such as “The Sultan of the lands and the seas” or “Sultan of Sultans”. The sultan was also considered the protector of Islam Evidence 2 (1 pt): The control over the officials and governmental figures was successful since the power was not inherited but earned. In addition to that, the division of the government between the central and civil authorities led to a better control over the enormous empire. III. Supporting Argument 2 A. Topic (2 pts): The military system of the Ottoman Empire mainly consisted of farmers who would work for certain time as farmers and other times as soldiers and also non-Muslim fighters. Alongside with the technology they had that was stronger than other armies in the world a. Evidence 1 (1 pt): The empire had a strong army mostly formed from slaves, strong techniques for gunpowder productions b. Evidence 2 (1 pt): The army also consisted of fanatical groups of fighters mostly non-Muslims. The system was known as the “Devshirme” system. It was required for non-Muslims to give their males as a tax, in some cases; these non-Muslims could reach high ranks in the government. This also played a rule is the strength of the
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