Christianity And Buddhism Four Noble Truths

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Both Christianity and Buddhism’s main values were based on the teachings of a prophet. However, the differences between Christianity and Buddhism are clear, such as Christianity’s essential belief in one personal God, and Buddhism focusing more on one’s connection with oneself. Buddhists believe in reaching the highest spiritual level through meditation of the individual and focusing on removing every desire from their lives. The highest spiritual level that one can reach within this system is called nirvana, which ends the cycle of reincarnation. In the Buddhist four noble truths, the way to nirvana is to eliminate desire and attachments by following the eightfold path, which contains eight life ideals to teach Buddhists how to live a desire-free life. Nirvana ends suffering, and that is what a Buddhist strives to achieve for themselves.…show more content…
This afterlife is what Christianity focuses on achieving, and by believing in Jesus, you are allowed by God to go to heaven. Along with believing in Jesus, Christians follow a moral code contained within the Christian holy book, the Bible. Christians are faithful and holy in this life to achieve the ultimate life, one in Heaven. The founder of Buddhism was a young prince named Siddhartha Gautama, who upon his travels outside of his palace was shocked to discover suffering in the forms of age, sickness, and death. He decided to live a strict ascetic life for six years, until he rejected this extreme form of life for one of meditation and removing all focus from himself. Through this, he reached nirvana and taught his discoveries to his followers. This was the foundation for all Buddhism. Beyond this, Buddhists don’t have any type of personal god or deity that they strive to

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