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Success of the Byzantine Empire When the Roman Empire split into two parts the Byzantine Empire was the most successful because they had strong and great leaders, strong and loyal army, and a great location. The empires strong, inovative, and smart rulers were a big part in the success of the Byzantine Empire. Constantine was one of the empires great leaders and did many things to help the success of the empire. “He greatly improved this latter city, and made it equal to Rome in power and influence; for when he had settled his empire as he was minded, and had freed himself from foreign foes, he resolved on founding a city which should be called by his own name, and should equal in fame even Rome” (“Constantine founds Constantinople”).Constantine…show more content…
Political power and religious authority was mainly only here. Whoever controlled the city controlled the empire(Knox).Justinian was also a great leader and did many things to help the Byzantine empire be successful.Justinian I codified Roman law and created many buildings along with Constantine that added to the importance and remembrance of the Byzantine empire.Justinian coded the Roman law in attempt to unify the Roman empire and has been used as the legislative foundation for most modern European nations.The codification included all valid laws, opinions by Roman jurists, a textbook for students, and new laws. While Justinian's codification had enormous influence on the future development of European law(Axelrod).Justinian's creation of the Hagia Sophia helped the Empire have a unified religion, and led to the success of the Byzantine Empire. He created many other public works…show more content…
The Byzantine Empire expanded to almost the size of the Roman Empire due to its ruthefull army. This army conquered parts of North Africa, Rome, Italy and Spain. Without the army, the Byzantine Empire wouldn’t have been so large. “Weapons were improved, Greek fire came into use, the science of strategy was carefully studied. Emperors wrote textbooks on tactics and the conduct of war. The Byzantine armies were the best equipped in the world and were usually under efficient officers. The navy too was well organized and did good service”(Munro).An example of the Byzantines advancement of weapons is the counterweight trebuchet. The traction trebuchet, was invented by the Chinese, but the Byzantines improved upon it by making use of gravitational energy instead of muscle power. The Empire, however, had a standing army of professional soldiers. An emperor needed victory in the field to enhance his prestige and fend off rivals, so he needed the loyalty of the army and especially of its officer corps.The Byzantine empire had a skilled army with advanced weapons and soldiers. The army’s were highly trained and the military as constantly making improvement to their

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