Compare And Contrast The Quian And Qing Dynasties

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The Yuan and Qing Dynasties were a couple of the largest of China’s dynasties. They were very influential in what China has become today. There was a lot of political struggles and cultural changes made during this time, but not all was for the better. Despite having been centuries apart, they were very comparable. They made very similar choices, but they weren’t so similar that they can be mistaken for one another. However, one was not better than the other by any means, and both were major eras in Chinese history. The Yuan dynasty started with the fall of the Song dynasty, and the rise of Mongols in China. The Great Khan Khubilai, in 1271, decided he wanted his capitol city to not be in Mongolia, but rather, in China. So he took over Beijing, and later stated that this was the beginning of a new dynasty under his rule, and it would be called the Yuan dynasty. Khubilai ruled over China in a prejudiced manner; meaning, he definitely favored Mongols over Chinese, especially those of Song descent. Those who did not live in China but…show more content…
While the Manchus were the only ones who could rule, the Chinese did rise up to high ranks, as the remaining people of the Ming armies left their respective armies and joined the Manchus. They were allowed the same positions they were in before, whether it be a regular foot soldier or something as high-ranking as a general. Along with those changes, the leaders of the earlier years of this dynasty allowed more freedom to the Chinese. The Chinese had their own laws to follow and got punished by way of their own culture. However, even while the Chinese outnumbered the Manchus, the Manchus had laws that allowed them free reign to mostly what they wanted with the Chinese. The Manchus would barely ever get punished for harming a Chinese citizen in any way, and even then, the punishments were

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