The Role Of Entertainment In The Odyssey

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The story of the Odyssey is a stalwart, and exciting piece of writing. It is also a popular Greek myth all around the world. It was originally written by Homer and translated to English. There is so much in this piece. The three parts that make it entertaining are the romance, violence, and excitement. The first intriguing form of entertainment is the romance. There is a lot of romance with Odysseus. His relationship with Calypso and Penelope. He has a brief relationship with Calypso when he ends up on her island. The greatest romance in this story is with Penelope. She waits over ten years waiting for her love to return. ins “If he returned, if her were here to care for me, I might be happily renowned! But grief instead heaven sent me-years of pain.” (page 1101 line 1310) While he is gone Penelope stays very vigilant. She chooses not to be involved with any other man because she loves and wants to be with Odysseus. Odysseus on the other hand was not so faithful. He had slept with Calypso and another woman on his journey to return home. Yet, he still tries as hard as he can return home to his beloved wife. He chooses not to marry Calypso because he is still in love with…show more content…
Homer is very terse with the way he expresses violence. There are fights, battles, and killing. On Odysseus’s journey he and his men just happen to get trapped in a cyclops’ cave. The cyclops ate a few of their men. As a result the men wanted to escape so they made a plan and blinded the one eyed monster by stabbing it in the eye with one of their swords. In the story it says “Blinded, and sick with pain from its head wound, the monster stroked each ram, then let it pass, but by men riding on the pectoral.”(page 1059 line 1032-1034 They had tricked the monster and blinded him by stabbing him in the eye. There is a very substantial amount of violence in this story. Also, along the journey men continuously died until it was only

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